featured5 - Putting Your Money at Work: How to Actually Increase Your Winning Odds

Putting Your Money at Work: How to Actually Increase Your Winning Odds

The whole purpose of betting on sports events is to try to guess the right outcome. However, there are some that have trouble locking down that win. Today, we will discuss ways to increase your winning chances.

Keep in mind that there is no 100% way to ensuring that you will get the result that you want. If someone is telling you that they can ensure you a 100% guaranteed result, they are either going to break the law or they are going to scam you. What we will be touching upon are some of our tried and tested methods of increasing our odds of winning. Here they are:

Due Diligence

Not quite what you might expect but this is one that really works. Due diligence refers to studying up on the past and present performance of the team or person that you are thinking of placing a bet on. When you are looking at accumulative betting wins, it is important to really review the immediate history.

How often has the team won? Who was part of the team when they won? Were there any injuries? What season was it? Who was the coach? What were the odds in the last season? These are all important questions that you can answer if you just study up on it. Information is readily available for anyone who bothers to look for it.

Have an On and Off Relationship with the Favorite Bet

A lot of people who are really into sports betting will tell you that the favorite will not always win. However, the same is true for any team or any sport. So it would be ill advised to always bet against the favorite simply because others will always dissuade you against the favorite.

This is why studying up on performance is important. When the odds are looking good, there is no harm in betting for the favorite. Just be careful when you do pick the favorite, do not let your feelings get carried away.

Compare Bookies

Have you ever heard of the saying “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”? The same can also apply to the concept of sports betting. Not all bookies offer the same odds. What some bookies try to do in order to keep their punters around is by offering ‘special deals’ or loyalty schemes.

Do not get suckered in. This is their attempt to carve out their dedicated source of income. While that in itself is not bad, it does not really play well into your benefit as a bettor. You should still try to look around other betting places and other bookies to see their rates and odds.

Going with something new every now and then is a good way to grow and establish your betting process in the future.

In Closing

Everyone will eventually come up with their own techniques on how to determine their final bet decision. For now, you can make use of the pointers we gave above as the foundation for your eventual betting process. Good luck!

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