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Hold the Phone: What Types of Bets Are There?

We have received some queries about the different types of bets that you can make on sports betting. Today, Arsenal London is taking you through some different types of betting you can make. In the world of sports betting, it is important for any potential bettors to take into consideration the different types of bets and find out which one they are most comfortable with.

Take note that this article may not touch upon ALL the types of wagers. Who knows, maybe we will touch upon the others on a later date! Without further ado, here are some types of wagers and bets you can make when it comes to sports betting:

The Win Bet

This is, by far, the simplest form of betting there is when it comes to sports. In most sporting activities there will always be a clear winner and a loser. The win bet will have the bettor place their money on who they think is going to win the match.

It does not really matter what the score is or who placed the final win when it comes to a win bet. What matters is that the team (for team sports) or person (for singles games) wins at the end of the game itself.

The Proposition Bet

This is the sort of bet that goes into the little details of the game or the match itself. While this sort of bet may not focus on the winner or the loser, it will focus on other things like: the time of the first score or who drew first blood in eSports.

It is the sort of bet that you generally make with friends for fun. However, as there is a market for it, bookies and betting websites have started to include proposition bets in their offerings.

The Multiple Bet

One of the trickier kinds of bets since it usually includes several teams in a season. However, it should be noted that this type of bet usually has the largest payout. The reason behind this is that it can be so easy to lose it.

A common example of a multiple bet is to wager that three specific teams are going to win their first games of the season. If you go with three teams, the payout is usually six times the amount that you put in. In the history of sports betting, there was once a player that bet around 30 pence that certain football teams were going to win. In the end, that person walked away with nearly more than a half million in payout money.

In Closing

Knowing the type of bet that is available for you to choose from is one way to determine your eventual betting profile. Once you get a hold of the type of bet you personally prefer, the better you can prepare for it. What betting type did we miss out on? Let us know and we come up with a new article discussing this on a later date!

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