Oh No They Didn’t: Two of the Biggest Sports Betting Scandals in History

When there is so much to gain in terms of money, it is sad to think that there are people that only think of the profit. Today, Arsenal London is discussing two of the biggest scandals in sports betting history.

Money Laundering, Cheating, and Fraud in Italy

31 - Oh No They Didn’t: Two of the Biggest Sports Betting Scandals in History

Sadly, Italy is no stranger when it comes to match fixing and sports betting scandals. One of the examples is around 2012. The Italian Police had arrested several people who were well connected in the local Football scene under the suspicion of match fixing. If that was not bad enough, even some players and coaches were involved in the investigation and inquiry.

As it turns out, there seemed to have been prior agreements and ties to criminal syndicates to manipulate the results of matches and make use of betting in order to launder illegal money. Several plea bargains were made and several month long bans were meted out and some were even released from their playing contracts.

Nigeria Football Fixing

32 - Oh No They Didn’t: Two of the Biggest Sports Betting Scandals in History

When you are so close to a goal, it can be understood that you can get a little exuberant to attain it. However, in 2013, a couple of teams in the Nigerian Football League went overboard…BY A LOT. Two particular teams, the Plateau United Feeders and the Police machine seemed to be on top of the world.

They only needed to win their next matches in order to be promoted. What followed shortly afterwards was a complete travesty. In the game of football, you would be lucky if you managed to get a score of 12 with your opponent scoring zero. However, in the case of these Nigerian teams, the managed to win at 79-0 and 67-0 in their respected matches.

It’s either the players all went Godlike and the opposing teams just melted away or there was some serious fixing that occurred. An investigation was launched and it was found that there was actual match fixing that had happened in both games. As a result, the Nigerian Football authorities handed down some permanent bans for all the teams involved.

In Closing

Crime clearly does not pay. While you can earn quite a bit of money, the consequences rarely outweigh any ‘benefits’. Let these scandals serve as a lesson and give you a better idea why it’s important to stick to the straight and narrow. What sports betting scandal do you know of?

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