featured9 - It WAS a Gentleman’s Game: Sports-Betting and Etiquette

It WAS a Gentleman’s Game: Sports-Betting and Etiquette

In old London, sports-betting was an actual activity that gentlemen of the gentry and nobility partook of. As such, there are still certain rules of etiquette that are passed on to today’s sports betting world. In the Victorian era, high born men formed gentlemen’s clubs where they indulged in business talks, drinking, card gaming, and of course, placing bets on random things in life.

If there was ever the origin of the proposition bet, it was here. Now as what you can expect from high society, there were certain rules that needed to be followed regarding the bets and how they were placed. While modern society is not as constricted as it used to be, there are still some old rules of etiquette that you should not break when you go make a bet in person.

Here are some of them:

Offering Unsolicited Advice

21 - It WAS a Gentleman’s Game: Sports-Betting and Etiquette
A general rule of thumb is that you keep your opinion to yourself unless you are asked to specifically share your thoughts. Just as you would hate for your betting decision to be clouded by someone else’s opinion, you should spare other’s judgment from being tainted because of you.

Also, it spares you from drama. Remember that there will be people out there that are sore losers. If the opinion that you shared “caused them to lose” you can expect a lot of crap headed your way. So you can do yourself a major favor by just zipping it.


22 - It WAS a Gentleman’s Game: Sports-Betting and Etiquette
Back in the old days, you would not even be allowed a toe beyond the door if you were not properly dressed in a night coat. As modern day is more lax in terms of dress code, this does not mean that you should not let go of your appearance.

After all you are not the only person in the area. Leave your BO at home.

Be Mindful of Your Timing

23 - It WAS a Gentleman’s Game: Sports-Betting and Etiquette
Betting in person can be a pretty fun experience in itself. You get to see other people that are into the same thing as you are. However, you need to be careful about your timing when it comes to placing your bets. You must keep in mind that there will be a line—even with all the self-service counters and pods available.

Hell is usually other people when it comes to live betting. Be mindful of how long it may take for you to place your bet at the counter and budget your time accordingly. Do not be that one person that’s angrily huffing away because there is a line and the game the want to bet on is starting really soon.

In Closing

Arsenal London will always be on the lookout for ways to help you guys better improve your game AND stay on the right side of the course. The last thing we would want is any of our readers to be “that person” that everyone just dreads when they show up at a betting joint. Keep the etiquette rules above in mind and you will do just fine!

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